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A comprehensive guide to industry resources for real estate agents

2 hours 28 min ago

Real estate companies, trade groups and government agencies are offering resources amid the pandemic. Inman is trying to compile them all in one guide that will be updated daily.

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6 hidden Zoom features that’ll boost your video skills

2 hours 30 min ago

It seems like everyone is turning to Zoom while social distancing. From creating fresh backgrounds to freshening up your face, these next-level features will enhance your experience.

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Why Creating Systems, Not Goals, Is Key to Luxury Real Estate Success

2 hours 40 min ago

Why does it seem like the most successful luxury real estate agents have more hours in the day than the rest of us?

There are many paths to luxury real estate success, but all paths are paved with reliable systems. We’re constantly told that setting goals is the ultimate key to getting ahead, but something we don’t discuss enough is that pursuing those goals without any systems in place is not only exhausting, but often leads to failure. At the very least, it can lead to the inevitable burnout and infamous turnover real estate is known for.

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4 relics of a past pandemic are right in your house

2 hours 47 min ago

Bioethicist Dr. Elizabeth Yuko explains how pandemics and public health standards not only impact our outside lives, but our homes as well.

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Foreclosure activity hits lowest point in 15 years

3 hours 6 min ago

There were a total of 48,004 properties with foreclosure filings in February 2020, the lowest number since Attom began tracking the data in April 2005.

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10 cities best prepared to weather a coronavirus-fueled economic storm

4 hours 4 min ago

How cities, businesses and housing markets behave over the next 30 days as the pandemic continues to spread will be crucial on the road to recovery.

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Daily Dispatch: Brad Inman with Brian Buffini

4 hours 51 min ago

Overflowing with positivity, Buffini encourages agents to pick up the phone and reach out

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Fear and uncertainty is mutual among renters and landlords: Poll

5 hours 31 min ago

A vast number of renters have lost their jobs during the pandemic, according to a new survey of more than 2,700 landlords and 7,300 renters.

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EXp broker Rick Geha shares heartfelt message about his COVID-19 recovery

5 hours 43 min ago

In a video posted on Monday, eXp broker Rick Geha shared his experience with battling COVID-19 alongside some encouraging advice for real estate agents.

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Mortgage applications surge along with refis

5 hours 56 min ago

Mortgage applications activity increased by 15.3 percent and the refinance index increased 26 percent during the week ending March 27.

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